Friday, September 18, 2009

The Trix

  The Trix are an evil trio of teenage witch sisters who attended the Cloudtower School for Witches (only in the first season, after which they got expelled), a school which used to rival Alfea. They are the enemies of the Winx Club. In the fourth season, as of episode 13, the Trix do not appear yet.

Icy: The leader and eldest of the trio, her name refers to her powers of ice. She is quite charismatic. She despises Stella and is most competitive with her in the first season. In the second she is more spiteful towards Bloom. She is the most powerful of the three and thinks she is the most beautiful. She has long, white hair tied up high on her head. She wears dark blue as her normal outfit, but for Cloudtower, her uniform is a light blue top, a light blue skirt, and light blue boots, with the change of her makeup color as well. In comparison to her sisters she is less aggressive than Stormy and a little lighter than Darcy; she has a proper balance of her power.

Darcy: Darcy works with all forms of darkness, as her name suggests ("Darcy" meaning "Dark One"). She is the smartest of the Trix. She enjoys tormenting "pathetic pixies". In season one, she is aggressive towards Musa because Musa loved Riven, who was on Darcy's "wanted as boyfriend" list in the first season. She has long, dark brown hair. She wears purple and interacts with boys more than all of her other sisters. In the first season, she used Riven to help defeat the Winx and later, abandoned him. Therefore, she plays a very important role in the first season. She is less aggressive than her sisters (especially Stormy).
Stormy: The youngest of the trio, her powers involve wind, storms, and weather. She has the shortest temper of the group and is prone to violent outbursts. She is most aggressive towards Musa in season 2. She has purple, short curly and quite frizzy hair that looks like a storm has been through it. She often doesn't think before she does something. She secretly believes she is more powerful than her older sisters Darcy and Icy. She wears hot pink/dark purple.She is the most aggressive sister of the trio.

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